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Recommendations for Girl Guide and Brownie Clothing Styles

Start here to choose some great styles of clothing for your guides or brownies! The Welbeck sales team has put this page together to help you to quickly find the right garments for your group out of the 1500+ garment styles we sell. These will be popular at any event or camp - with your own girl guide logo. We have a selection for brownies at the bottom of the page - please scroll down the page or click here.

T-Shirt styles for Girl Guides

BC190 T-shirt

BC190 and BC150 T-Shirts (Childrens & Adults sizes)

These are our most popular T-shirts and the ones we recommend over other styles for their quality without paying a premium price. The BC190 heavyweight t-shirts are perfect for either printing, embroidery or transfer printing of individual names. The BC150 standard weight t-shirts are ideally suited for your printed designs.

  • B & C TU01T Standard Weight T-shirt

    TU01T B & C #E150 Standard weight Adults T-shirts

    An up-to-date styled adults standard weight t-shirt, made from the same excellent t-shirt fabric as the BC150 t-shirts, which have been our favourite t-shirts for many years. Available in a great range of colours. Also available in heavyweight and ladies styles:
    TU03T Adults heavyweight #E190 T-shirt
    TW02T Ladies standard-weight #E150 T-shirt
    TW04T Ladies heavyweight #E190 T-shirt
    These are not available in childrens sizes, but they are from the same "family" as the BC150 and BC190 t-shirts, and colours (where available) will match.

  • BA1001 ladies t-shirt

    BL1001 Bella T-Shirts

    Flattering, close-fitting ladies T-shirts, without elastane. Available in a fantastic range of colours.


    W10 Welbeck sweatshirt

    W10 Welbeck Round Neck Sweatshirts (Childrens & Adults sizes)

    If you are looking for a standard style of sweatshirt - look no further! Made from 70% cotton/30% polyester in a heavyweight fabric, these will both keep you warm and show off your logo to its best advantage. Available in 18 shades and in sizes up to 5XL; also available in childrens sizes. Excellent for printed or embroidered designs, also for individual names or nicknames.


    W12 Welbeck hoody

    W12 Welbeck Hooded Sweatshirt (Childrens & Adults sizes)

    A traditionally styled hooded sweatshirt available in 18 shades in sizes up to 3XL. Also available in the full range of childrens sizes. These are made from our heavyweight fabric for extra warmth. Off to a girl guide camp? - design a printed or embriodered logo for the camp and you will be the best dressed group around the campfire!

    W22 Welbeck zip through hooded sweatshirt

    W22 Welbeck Zip Through Hoody

    A traditional hoody with a full length zip available in adults sizes. Made from our own heavyweight fabric these are warm and practical, and great for printed designs, embroidered designs and transfer printed individual names.

    Polo Shirts for Girl Guides and Guiders

    W40 Welbeck 100% cotton polo shirt

    W40 Welbeck 100% Cotton Polo Shirts

    If you are looking for cotton polo shirts this is the style to choose if you want both adults and childrens sizes. Cool and absorbent in summer; available in sizes up to adults 50" with larger sizes made to order.

    SS11 Fruit of the Loom polo shirt

    Fruit of the Loom Polycotton Polo Shirts (Adults sizes style SS11 (was 63-402-0) ; childrens sizes style SS11B (was 63-417-0) )

    A popular and well known brand that is available throughout the range of childrens and adults sizes in a good range of shades. The 65% polyester/35% cotton mix gives easy care characteristics, and also gives a keener price than 100% cotton polo shirts.

    RK3 Woodbank polo shirt

    Woodbank RK3 Polo Shirt

    A good quality budget polo shirt made from 65% polyester/35% cotton. It is available in both adults and childrens sizes. We offer these at a very good price, but have a minimum order quantity of 25 garments for this style. If you are ordering large numbers for a special guide event this could be a good choice.

    H401 Henbury Ladies Polo Shirt

    H401 Henbury Ladies Polo Shirt

    A popular ladies polo shirt made from polycotton for easy-care washing. Available in 5 shades of blue (as well as many other shades) and in ladies sizes from 8 to 20. A good choice of polo shirt for your girl guide logo.

    Fleeces & Jackets

    BMFJ1Blue Max Fleece

    BMFJ1 Blue Max Polar Fleece

    A good quality basic fleece at a good price, available in a wide range of colours in both adults and childrens sizes. Extremely practical for guide camps or outdoor activities you cannot go wrong with this fleece!

    BMFJ2 Reversible water resistant fleece

    BMFJ2 Blue Max Reversible Fleece (Childrens & Adults sizes)

    A great choice when you need a garment that does more than just be a fleece, this nicely styled reversible fleece has a lightweight water-resistant layer on one side (with the fleece on the other). With zipped pockets, a phone pocket and a fold-away hood, this lightweight, practical jacket is excellent value for money.

    Other fleeces and jackets

    Other Fleeces & Jackets

    We have a wide range of fleeces and jackets available, including microfibre fleeces and jackets up to the specification required for expeditions into mountainous areas. These are well worth looking at as they are often available at a better price than in high street outdoor shops. The outdoor specialist brand Regatta is available. Take a look in our Extended Range sections for: fleeces and jackets.

    Other garments

    W46 Welbeck rugby shirt

    W46 Welbeck Rugby Shirts

    These are leisurewear garments - made from a thick, warm 100% cotton fabric. Classic styling for outdoor wear.

    BCA baseball cap


    Protects from the summer sun, as well as a cheap, effective and fun way of getting an item printed with your group logo!

    YK102 Hi-Vis Vests

    YK102 Colourful Hi-Vis Vests

    An excellent idea for events, these hi-vis vests are available in a wide variety of colours. They are not intended for "work" or "highway" situations (where you must have vests that pass an EN/ISO rating), but are great for when you want to be seen, just not in hi-vis yellow.

    Clothing Styles suitable for Brownies

    T-shirts for brownies

    BC190 T-shirts

    Our favourite T-shirts - great for both printing and embroidery. Available in an attractive yellow/gold colour. Brilliant for your pack holiday logo!

    180B bright yellow t-shirts for brownies

    Jerzees 180B T-Shirts

    If you are looking for the brightest of yellows for your brownies these are the T-shirts we recommend!

    W10 Welbeck sweatshirts

    Round Neck Sweatshirts W10

    Our own Welbeck sweatshirts are available in both brown and yellow for the ultimate choice of brownie colours. As well as our standard sweatshirt style we have various alternative styles (all available in yellow) such as hoodies and sweatshirt cardigans. Click here for more information on these styles.

    W53 Welbeck Open hem fleece

    W53 Open Hem Fleece

    The only fleece we've ever seen that is available in childrens sizes in yellow! Also available in adults sizes in a good range of colours.