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About Welbeck...

What do we do?

Welbeck is the main trading name for a family business based in Hucknall, Nottingham, UK. We are UK manufacturers, making sweatshirts, hoodies and polo shirts in our own factory in Hucknall and selling them directly to the general public. We are also screen printers and embroiderers, and the vast majority of our garments leave our factory with a logo on them - headed for a wide variety of destinations: schools, companies, pre-schools, scout and guide groups are just some in a wide list.

Making the fabric for the sweatshirts

As well as making the sweashirts and polo shirts we also manufacture the sweatshirt fabric from cotton and polycotton yarn on knitting machines in our factory. So your finished sweatshirts starts out in our factory as naturally cream coloured yarns, wound on cones. Due to space constraints within our factory we ask another local fabric manufacturer to make the pique polo shirt fabric for our polo shirts. The fabrics for both sweatshirts and polo shirts are dyed in Britain to the wide variety of our stock shades.

How long have we been making sweatshirts and putting your printed logos on them?

We have been making sweatshirts, and putting printed logos on them for our customers, since the early 1980s so we have a great deal of experience in ensuring our customers get the very best quality of garments and service.

We also started printing t shirts at approximately the same time, always choosing a good quality t-shirt as our main choice and stocking it for the best service to our customers. This was followed in the early 1990s with embroidery machines - and the computer design equipment to enable us to produce the beautiful embroidered logos from your sketches in-house.

What is special about about our sweatshirts?

We have always chosen to make good quality sweatshirts - heavyweight for winter warmth and a blend of 70% cotton/30% polyester. The high cotton content makes very comfortable garments with the high absorbency and breathability of the natural fibre, with the polyester added for strength and durability. We have many long term customers who come back to us year after year for our sweatshirts.

Over the years we have increased our garment styles made from our sweatshirt fabric, to include hoodies, v-neck sweatshirts, zip fronted garments and cardigans. We have also increased the number of stock shades, which currently stands at 19. We make every effort to offer all styles in the largest possible range of shades; this means our customers aren't restricted to just a few colour shades, whichever styles they choose.

Why manufacture sweatshirts in the UK?

We manufacture sweatshirts, and the sweatshirt fabric, because we are very proud of what we produce in our factory. We also manufacture in the UK because of the greater reliability we can offer to our customers. If one size, in one of our colours in one style sells out really quickly it is very easy for us to make some more. If you are importing from thousands of miles away, you only have to have run out of stock in one size of one colour of one style and you are letting down customers. You have to wait until you a container of garments has been filled in the country of manufacture, and then it has to be shipped around the world. This can easily take 6 weeks to 3 months - which is not the service of level we want to offer our customers. Also, if things go wrong in production it is much easier and quicker to sort out if the manufacture is in the UK. If the manufacture is overseas it is always going to be a plane ticket away.

We also like to offer our customers garments where they know that the main chemical processes in production - dyeing and finishing - have been carried out to the very tight safety and environmental standards insisted upon in Western Europe. The effluents from all fabric dyeing in the UK have to be highly treated to ensure our rivers stay a natural colour and cause the very minimum of pollution.

What else do we sell apart from sweatshirts?

In the past few years the quality and range of clothing from imported sources for the printing and embroidery market has greatly improved. Not only has this increased the choice of the basic garments, such as t shirts and polo shirts, it has also greatly increased the number of styles available. There are now fabulous ranges of jackets, sports wear, shirts and blouses available, among many other garment styles. We have included the ranges of one of the main distributors of imported garments on our website to allow our customers to select garments from this massive choice. You will find these by clicking on links to our Extended Range Catalogue.

We also list a range from the Stedman brand. This is a brand you may not have heard of before - but combines good value with great styles.

As well as these catalogues we also offer our customers the choice of garment styles from several smaller suppliers of imported garments who we think offer an unbeatable combination of quality and price. You will find these garments in the search page for our all of our brands of garments.