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Our British Made Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Polo Shirts

We're very proud to say all of our Welbeck brand of sweatshirts, hoodies and polo shirts are UK-made in our own factory. However, here at Welbeck we take the meaning of British made one stage further than many manufacturers - not only do we make the garments in the UK, but we also make the fabric in the UK. This means that all processing after the yarn has been made (cotton and polycotton threads) is carried out in Britain.

Let's have a quick tour of our Main British Made Welbeck Styles

Welbeck British Made Sweatshirts:

Welbeck British Made Hoodies

Welbeck British Made Polo Shirts

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This is not the full range of Welbeck British Made clothing styles - for the full range of Welbeck garments (UK made) click here.

What are the Advantages of British Made Garments?

Great Product Ranges in terms of Colours and Sizes

We are pretty much able to offer our customers our styles in almost the full range of colours and sizes - you are not restricted to the more popular colours for the larger adults sizes and/or the smaller children's sizes.

No long delays if a colour or size is out of stock

One of the problems with imported styles for printed and embroidered orders is that if a single size is out of stock in the colour and style you are after, then the entire order can be delayed, or a few people won't receive their garments at the same time. This delay can be anything from a few days (which, mostly, customers can cope with) to several months. If the garments are being made many thousands of miles away (often in China), the out-of-stock garments will have to join the list of garments needing to be manufactured. Then after they have been made there are all the difficulties of waiting for a container to be filled for a certain destination. Only then can the out-of-stock items start their main journey of thousands of miles on a ship.

We're not saying that British garment manufacturing is always perfectly to time - there are sometimes queues in production and sometimes there is the odd delay with dyers. However, if there are any delays (and there usually aren't), they tend to be of a much shorter timescale. In general, if we are short of stock in a colour or size we can sort it out within hours or days.

Made in the UK - to British and European Laws

Buying British Made garments means you know that:

Worker hours and rights

Workers are not forced to work excessive hours, the hours are regulated by our European and British laws. All workers receive the automatic rights of British workers regarding employment law, statutory holiday periods, sick pay etc.

Environmental Considerations

Fabric dyeing is probably the most energy intensive part of garment production. All our Welbeck brand garments made from sweatshirt fabric are made using fabric dyed in Britain. This ensures that the electricity used has been created in power stations subject to British/European standards regarding emissions. You are also ensured that the dyes used are of the "low harm" type; toxic dyes are not used for normal garment/fabric dyeing in this country. The dyers also have to ensure that their wastewater is properly cleaned to tight environmental standards before entering the drains to then get cleaned again by the sewage works (operating to high European/UK standards).

Our product miles: The cotton and polycotton yarns have to be imported as cotton cannot be grown in this country, neither is it traditional to process and spin cotton into yarn in this country. However, as soon as the yarn reaches our factory there are then very few extra product miles. The fabric for the sweatshirts is made in our factory; the fabric for the polo shirts is made locally (approx 10 miles round trip). The fabric is then normally dyed in Leicester (approx 50 miles round trip). The garments are made and then have any logos added (by printing and/or embroidery) within the factory. They then leave our factory to (normally) go straight to our customers.

Welbeck garments made from polo shirt fabric and heavyweight single jersey fabric (eg W40, W41, W46) - some shades are made from dyed yarn purchased from Portugal. Other shades are dyed in the UK. Please contact us for more information.

Building and General Safety:

Buildings are made to the very high standards of planning and safety demanded in this country. They are then kept to British standards for electrical and fire safety etc. Apart from the legal requirements, businesses also have to comply to the high standards of safety required by the insurance industry in order to be accepted for insurance.