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Grey sweatshirts and hoodies

Grey hoodies and sweatshirts are always extremely popular, so here's a run-down of some of the best styles and brands available.

Welbeck sweatshirts (style W10) and hoody (W12)

Welbeck hoody

Our own brand is made from a heavyweight 290gsm fabric, with 70% cotton and 30% polyester for a great combination of warmth, comfort and strength. Our grey is a marl, and is a mid-light grey, very wearable. Available in the full range of childrens and adult sizes (nursery sizes to adults 5XL).

Did you know?: this colour is available in our full range of sweatshirt brands so you can also get zipped hoodies, v-neck sweatshirts, cadet collar zipped sweatshirts...

Follow the links on the style codes above for info, prices and ordering, or go to our full range of sweatshirt styles .

Jerzees Sweatshirts (162M)

162M Birch

The sweatshirt is a heavyweight 300gsm fabric shirt, made from 80% cotton and 20% cotton. All in all a good quality combination. The styling has drop shoulders and is available in adults sizes S - 2XL. Jerzees call their marl light grey colour "birch" - see the picture to the left.

Jerzees also have another range of heavyweight sweatshirts made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These styles have a mid-grey marl shade called "light oxford". (Style: 7620M sweatshirt; 575M adults hoody; 575B childs hoody).

Fruit of the Loom Sweatshirt (SS8); Hoody (SS14); Ladies Hoody (SS801); Kids Sweatshirt (SS8B)

A very well known brand for sweatshirts, these sweatshirts are excellent value for money. Their "heather" is a light shade of grey (marl). Their main range of sweatshirts are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and are a 280gsm fabric weight.

What does the word "marl" mean?

You may have noticed that most grey sweatshirts and t-shirts are mottled in their colour - there are areas of darker and lighter grey in the fabric. Fabrics like these are "marl" in their colour.

How do grey sweatshirts get this marl effect?

The cotton comes off the cotton plant a light cream colour, and goes through the spinning process still keeping it's natural colour. For all colours except marl shades, the yarns are knitted into sweatshirt fleece fabrics still in their natural colour. The fabrics are then dyed to their final colours before making into garments.

In order to get the mottled effect in marl fabric, the yarn is dyed before being made into fabric. And when it is dyed, the amount of grey dye that is applied to the yarn is continually being altered, so you get a few centimetres of darker shade, followed by a few centimetres of lighter yarn. When this is knitted into fabric you end up with the "marl grey" random colour effect in the fabric that everyone likes so much.