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Print and Embroidery Logos

The prices for your print and embroidery logos will be added on later in the ordering process, after finalising your garment quantities and styles.

Ordering Methods

To order you can:

  • Use this shopping trolley.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can type in your order by following the links for orders with new artwork or repeat orders. No prices are calculated but the forms are quick and easy to use if you already know your order details and the prices.
  • Or, phone us or e-mail us with your order details - or send it through the post with the copies of your design.

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Some of our customers, primarily schools and youth organisations, may not have to pay VAT on some adult sized garments. Please read our VAT information if you are unsure whether you can purchase garments at zero rate VAT.

If you are able to buy adults sized garments at zero VAT please select the "Childs" option when you are ordering.

Ordering different garment with different logos?

Please order all the garments with one logo style(s); then start again with a new order for the 2nd logo, etc. We will alter any discount rates (if applicable) to account for the total order number when we invoice your orders.