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Buying Clothing for Nurseries and Pre-Schools - Introduction

Buying uniform clothing for nurseries - whether for the staff or children - is often not as straight-forward as for buying for other work situations (for adults) or schools (for the children).

Here at Welbeck, we have specialised in providing nurseries with clothing for many years. We know the problems - and we think we're pretty good at knowing the solutions! Although we have an extensive website, you are still very welcome to phone us to sort out your queries or ask our advice. One phone call can often save you many hours of searching on the internet! Our phone number is 0115 963 2848 (or see our full contact details with a web email form).

Clothing for the Staff

You need something instantly identifiable by the children, comfortable and practical for the staff, in all the sizes you require, which will help to advertise your nursery... Many nurseries choose polo shirts with an embroidered logo - and if that is your choice we can help steer you through the hundreds of polo shirt styles to find one that will best suit your needs. However, you may also want to consider tunics, blouses/shirts and sweatshirts. We also have various outdoor jackets which are popular for play-times outside, when the staff don't run around quite as much as the children. To start your search for garment styles you may want to look at our recommendations page for nurseries.

Clothing for the Children

We can offer many basic styles - such as polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts; these are often based on schoolwear styles which can offer very good value for money. You can choose either printed or embroidered designs for your logo - embroidery designs can often give the most colourful design, but single coloured printing is the cheapest option if price is very important. Many nurseries are now also needing toddler sizes, which are often not covered by the main schoolwear brands. We can help to source these - looking at the best options available for the colour you are looking for. See our recommendations page for some of our popular styles.

We do sell toddler brands - such as Larkwood, which are definitely worth looking at. Please be aware that prices tend to be higher for the specific toddler brands - this is mostly a reflection on them being smaller brands (in terms of sales worldwide, as well as garment sizes!) and so they cannot produce and distribute garments at the same prices as the biggest worldwide brands.

Our own Welbeck brand of Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts

We manufacture and sell our own brand of sweatshirts and polo shirts, here from our factory near Nottingham. These are available from the smallest to the largest sizes in a good colour range. It is these Welbeck sweatshirts we promote above all other sweatshirts (they are good sweatshirts so why wouldn't we!) - but you are welcome to choose from any style and brand on our website.


Although you can order online straight away, we recommend that you first see plain sample garments - to check styles and sizing. Please phone us to arrange this the first time, so we can make sure you see the best samples for your needs. Remember that you will be responsible for the cost of returning the samples to us (within 14 days, please).

You can order in many ways - whichever suits you best - online, by post, by phone... Remember that we will need a copy of your logo for your first order!

Please remember to look at our terms and conditions before ordering.