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Information on Printing


Screen printing prices are based purely on the number of colours in the design, small designs are the same price as large designs. We can print in up to 4 colours.

No of Colours in Logo Excl VAT Incl VAT
1 colour flat print £1.05 £1.26
2 colour flat print £1.85 £2.22
3 colour flat print £2.40 £2.88
4 colour flat print £2.90 £3.48

If you will be paying standard rate VAT on the garment (eg the garment is for an adult), you need to use the "Incl VAT" price for printing. If you are buying at zero rate VAT (eg children's garments) use the "excl VAT" prices.

The discounts are the same as for the garments depending on the quantity you buy - you can take the discount on both the garment and the logo prices.

Screen printing is great for...

  • T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Either large or small designs
  • Single colour designs
  • Or designs up to 4 colours
  • Intricate designs

Screen printing is not so good for...

Designs with many colours, although we can often simplify them

Very small orders, as a lot of set-up time is needed before the first garment can be printed, even with repeat orders.

We don't normally print onto work shirts or formal shirts. We can do this - it is just that embroidery is the normal logo method.

We can't print...

We can't print on fleeces, sweaters or other such garments

We can't print onto many shiny/ waterproof fabrics

We can't print over seams

Minimum Order Quantities

Our minimum order quantity for single colour flat printing is 12 garments. Our minimum order quantity for multicoloured printing (2-4 colours) is 25 garments for the first order, 12 garments for all subsequent orders with that design

More than one logo?

Many people choose more than one logo on their garments. To work out a price for this just add up the price of each logo you want and add it to the price of the garment.

Set-up of Logo for Printing

Artwork must be supplied with the order. This is often as simple as providing us with a sheet of headed notepaper with a few written instructions attached (see submitting logo notes). We will prepare your logo for free (although please note you do not own the print transparency/screen). Alterations away from the originally submitted design will be charged for. We send out a proof of artwork to customers for confirmation before printing their order.


  • We retain all artwork and we can reproduce your design when you want to re-order, say next term or next year.
  • Please mark your order - "as before" and send a photocopy or sample of the design if possible. (This is important if you have more than one design.)

Single colour printing

  • We realise that many organisations want to order more than one colour of garment. For single colour printing only we allow one change of colour in the design eg. you can have a light coloured design on dark garments and a dark design on light garments.
  • If you are ordering a wide range of garment colours the two print colours that cover the range best are yellow/gold and black.

Multi-colour printing

  • We can only change print colours for multi-coloured designs if you order more than 12 garments for each design colour combination. We are also only able to print on one colour of garment (unless you order more than 12 of each colour).