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T-Shirt Recommendations - Which are the Best T-shirts for Printed or Embroidered Logos?

Start here to choose the best t shirts for your group and logo! There are so many promotional t shirt brands and styles that picking one out for your group or organisation can be time consuming. To help you we are giving you our opinions of what we think are the best t shirts. We hope these will assist you to quickly choose a t-shirt style that will work for your requirements, whether for adults or children, work or play, basic or trendy. These may not suit all groups and end uses so do look at our full range if you want to see more t shirt styles.

If you want to browse through all of our t-shirts please go to our T-shirt Finder page.

Please scroll down the page for Ladies fit T-shirts and Vest Styles.

Standard Fit T-Shirt Styles

B&C T-shirt

BC150 Standard Weight T-Shirt Adults sizes and Childrens sizes (BC150B)

The BC150 t-shirt is an excellent quality t-shirt for it's price, in a good range of colours. As it is a standard weight t-shirt we recommend it primarily for printed logos (see the BC190 heavyweight t-shirt below for embroidered logos) These T-shirts are available in both childs and adults sizes and they are made from ringspun cotton for softness.

B&C T-shirt

BC190 Heavyweight T-Shirt Adults sizes and Childrens sizes (BC190B)

The BC190 T-shirt is our first recommendation for T-shirts for embroidered logos. We simply believe that it is the best heavyweight T-shirt available in both childrens and adult sizes without paying a premium price. Also good for printed logos, these T-shirts are made from ringspun cotton for softness.

Fruit of the Loom Standard Weight T-shirt, style SS6

Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T-shirts (Childrens & Adults sizes)

A very well known and popular brand & a good choice for printed logos. These standard weight T-shirts are available in both adults sizes (style SS6) and childrens sizes (SS6B). Please be aware that we do not recommend these T-shirts for embroidery if a heavyweight T-shirt exists in the colour you want (see the BC190 T-shirts above). A heavyweight Fruit of the Loom T-shirt is available in adults sizes (style code SS10) for those who like the FOTL brand, at the same price as the BC190 T-shirts.

Gildan brand GD01 T-shirt

Gildan GD01 Softstyle Standard weight T-shirts (Adults sizes style code GD01 and Childs size GD01B)

This popular t-shirt has a very good colour range and is made from a soft, ringspun cotton. The children's corresponding t-shirt has fewer colours (but still a very good range for children's sizes!) There is also a heavyweight adults GD02 style is available in even more colours - 54!

B & C TU01T Standard Weight T-shirt

TU01T B & C #E150 Standard weight Adults T-shirts

An up-to-date styled adults standard weight t-shirt, made from the same excellent t-shirt fabric as the BC150 t-shirts, which have been our favourite t-shirts for many years. Available in a great range of colours. Also available in heavyweight and ladies styles:
TU03T Adults heavyweight #E190 T-shirt
TW02T Ladies standard-weight #E150 T-shirt
TW04T Ladies heavyweight #E190 T-shirt

B & C brand TM042 Organic Cotton T-shirt

Organic Cotton T-Shirt: B & C Brand TM042

Made from 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, this t-shirt is available in a wide range of fashion colours. Also see the matching ladies style TW043 below.

Ladies T-Shirt Styles

TW02T Ladies T-Shirt

TW02T B &C Ladies #E150 Cotton T-Shirt

A ladies standard-weight t-shirt, made from ring-spun cotton. Available in a great range of colours. The corresponding unisex style is the TU01T, shown above.

TW04T Ladies T-Shirt

TW02T B &C Ladies #E190 Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt

A ladies heavyweight t-shirt, made from ring-spun cotton; the same fabric that the BC190 t-shirts are made from. Available in an excellent range of colours. The corresponding unisex style is the TU03T, above. Suitable for either printed or embroidered logos.

BA1001Bella Ladies T-shirt

BL1001 Bella Fitted T-Shirt

If you want a fitting T-shirt, this is the one we recommend. It gets its shape from the ribbing - so it gives gentle flattering shapes without the normal problems of elastane. A large and very good choice of colours available. We regard this as a sensible figure hugging T-shirt, finishing at a sensible length, suitable for a wide variety of organisations and occasions. Especially recommended for: younger and/or slimmer figures.

B & C brand TW043 Ladies Organic Cotton T-shirt

Organic Cotton Ladies T-Shirt: B & C Brand TW043

Made from 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton, this t-shirt is available in a wide range of fashion colours. Also see the matching mens style TM042 above.

Performance T-Shirts

PA438 Proact Performance T-Shirt

PA438 Proact Performance / Sports T-Shirt

Great for active sports, this quick drying polyester textured t-shirt has raglan sleeves for easy movement.

PA439 Proact Ladies Performance T-Shirt

PA439 Proact Ladies Performance / Sports T-Shirt

This 100% polyester t-shirt is quick drying and styled for easy movement with raglan sleeves. Perfect for sports, running, exercise walking as well as gym wear.

Vest Styles - Ladies

The ladies style vest we have chosen are the one's that we consider to be the most sensible and suitable for everyday summer wear. They cover bra straps better than most of the other available styles and the styling around the arm is cut to cover the bra, whilst not being too high under the arm. Whilst most vest tops are shorter length than most T-shirts, we don't consider our recommended vests to be "too short" for most informal summer wear.

BL1080 Bella Ladies Tank Top

Bella Tank Top BL1080

A close fitting vest top especially suited to younger and/or slimmer figures. A good colour range available. Made from 100% cotton.