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How to Submit Your Logo...

We can accept your new logo in various ways

  • The easiest method is often the best - send us a printed copy through the post. It may seem old fashioned but don’t knock it - it is a very easy way for us to get a high resolution image!
  • E-mail us a copy of your logo in the following standard formats only: .jpg, .gif., .pdf.
    We cannot accept logos in Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher formats. If you send us a Word file by e-mail please also send a copy by post - different computers change the format and fonts of Word documents!
  • Scan your image and e-mail the file to us (see acceptable formats above)
  • For embroidery designs - if you want us to copy an embroidered logo please send us a copy of the actual embroidered logo (eg on a polo shirt). This is because we need to copy the direction and size of the stitches on the original embroidered design. If possible please also send a paper copy of the emblem (eg a letterhead).
  • If your logo is on a garment then send the garment to us - we will return it with your order!
  • You can send us draft designs - they do not have to be perfectly set-out completed designs. Just indicate how you want your design neatening and altering!

Please don't fax your design to us - the resolution is not high enough.

Lettering above and below designs:

If you want lettering wrapped around the logo (in a circular shape) you don’t need to wrap the lettering around on your copy of your logo as this is often a difficult task with many software packages - just tell us what you want us to do with the lettering!

Choose the position of your logo:

  • Left breast
  • Centre front - large design
  • Back - large design
  • Sleeve
  • Others - we can print or embroider in other positions on garments so long as they are technically possible

Please let us know the position and size of the logo you want when you order

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