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Individual Names, Nicknames and Numbers - Transfer Printed

Transfer printing on t-shirts

Transfer printing is a great way to add individual names, lettering and/or numbers to garments. We can print just one or two garments with this method, so you don't need to order our normal minimum of 12. You can also add transfer printed individual names to a larger order of garments with a main logo either screen printed or embroidered in the normal way.

We can transfer print :

  • large individual names on the back (great for nicknames!)
  • small names on the front,
  • slogans on the front or back - are you wanting to advertise anything?
  • numbers for team sports
  • small names or numbers on the sleeve

Prices for individual names and numbers

These prices are for printing letters and numbers in one of our standard fonts using single coloured ink transfer prints. There are no set-up charges for letters and numbers printed in a standard font.

Design size
Fitting into a box size:
Excl VAT Incl VAT Normally used for:
4" x 2" £1.02 £1.22 Small name, suitable for printing on left or right breast pocket area. Add 50p for curved lettering.
4" x 4" or 6" x 2" £1.28 £1.54 Small name or number, suitable for printing on left or right breast pocket area. Add 50p for curved lettering.
13" x 5" £2.13 £2.56 Large lettering, one or two lines. Suitable for printing centre front or back. Add £1.00 for curved lettering.
12" x 8" £2.89 £3.47 Large lettering or number. Suitable for printing centre front or back. Add £1.70 for curved lettering.
13" x 13" max £3.57 £4.28 Large lettering and/or number. Suitable for printing centre front or back. Add £1.70 for curved lettering.

Colours of lettering available: White, Black, Yellow, Lt. Blue, Navy, Royal, Green, Red, Silver, Gold

Notes for ordering individual names on garments:

  1. Please set out your order clearly on a separate sheet of paper. We need all names clearly written, with garment style, colour and size - please type the sheet if at all possible. Please also set out the names so garment styles/colours/sizes are in a logical order. Make sure that you set out the names in capitals if you want capitals, or with upper case and lower case lettering if you prefer this. If you use a spreadsheet you may send us a copy of the spreadsheet, this may help us to quickly sort out the order to our own requirements.
  2. Please make sure that you have checked all spellings of names before you submit them.
  3. To keep administration expenses down we do not charge by counting individual letters. We charge by price bands based on the size of the transfer print. For group orders we will charge all names to be printed onto a given garment area (eg centre front) at the same price, regardless of whether some names may fit into a smaller (or occasionally larger) size area.
  4. We charge the above transfer print prices on the assumption that the names will be clearly written, spelt correctly and sorted out, and that no changes will be made after the order has been received by us. Sorting out alterations and corrections to names is very time consuming for us and we may have to charge you for this.
  5. We recommend a minimum of 5 letters in names to be printed on the garment back across the shoulders, to ensure that the name does not look "lost" on the garment.
  6. Larger than "normal" length names may be compressed (the lettering made narrower) to make them fit in the given area.
  7. We can curve lettering - please see our additional charges for this above. This can look very effective where you have curved lettering above a number, on the back of a shirt.
  8. Warning. Some garments are subject to slight colour change in the area where the transfer is applied under heat and pressure. This is one of the limitations of printing and we regret that we cannot accept returns under this complaint. This slight colour change can be permanent on polyester/cotton garments. On 100% cotton it is usually only a temporary colour change.
  9. We will select a font for you unless you specify one of our standard fonts. Please click here to view our standard fonts.

We can transfer print onto most garment styles, but we cannot transfer print onto fleece jackets or V-neck acrylic sweaters.

Information on Numbering Service for Sports Teams

We can number garments for team sports. Two sizes of numbers are readily available: 9.5" (24cm) and 3" (7.6cm) in the following colours:

Height of number Style of number Available in Colours:
9.5" Single colour Red, Black, Royal, White, Navy
9.5" Two colour White with Black outline
Black with White outline
Silver with Red outline
Black with Silver outline
3" Two colour White with Black outline
Black with White outline

The maximum number that can be used in the 2 colour format is 17. Numbers can be produced in other sizes and transfer print colours if required.

Prices for Team Numbers:

9.5" numbers 1 colour £3.00 per shirt
9.5" numbers 2 colours £3.50 per shirt
3" numbers 2 colours £3.00 per shirt

General Transfer Printing Information

We also have non-lettering transfer printing options available - these are mostly applicable for small orders.

When to use transfer printing and when to use screen printing

Screen printing is great for medium to large size orders - but because each design takes a long time to set up you can't really use screen printing if you are only printing one or two of a design (or name). However, transfer printing is a reasonably quick method of putting different names etc on each garment.

Differences between screen printing and transfer printing
Our normal method of printing is screen printing, which is a wet process involving inks. Transfer printing involves applying a dry transfer onto the surface of the garment using heat and pressure. Screen printing is the best method of printing for most of our customers, transfer printing has several advantages for certain applications.

In general terms, transfer printing is cheaper than embroidery but more expensive than screen printing.

When to choose transfer printing:

  1. Transfer printing gives you solid blocks of colour with very sharp lines to the edges - transfer printing could be a good choice for some bold designs.
  2. Transfer printing is a very good option in certain instances where you are not going to order 12 garments every time you order. Transfer printing has a shorter set-up time between sorting out the design and applying the motif than for either screen printing or embroidery. This means that there is no minimum order quantity for transfer printing - however we may charge for the set-up of the artwork the first time you order.
  3. For large lettering on the back of garments transfer printing provides a more cost-effective solution than embroidery, whilst giving bolder, clearer lettering than screen printing.

Transfer Print Prices (Not lettering or numbers)

There is an initial set-up charge for many new designs. This is charged for transfer prints (unlike screen printing and embroidery) so that we don't need to ask for a minimum order of 12 garments. We then charge on a "per print" basis, just add the price of the transfer printing to the price of the plain garment. Please remember that we charge carriage on all orders of below 25 garments.

Initial Set-Up Charge for Transfer Printing:

Description of design Once only set-up charge
Lettering only - using standard Corel Draw fonts £ nil
Lettering - (standard Corel Draw fonts) plus a simple border £ nil
Designs utilising "clip art" logo's with or without lettering in standard fonts £10.00
Finished designs supplied by customer on disk or by e-mail attachment in Corel Draw 9 .cdr format £ 5.00
Non standard lettering £20.00
Corporate logo's based on letterheads/business cards etc £25.00
Designs based on rough sketches £35.00

The above prices include VAT at 20%. VAT is chargeable on all artwork (except for free artwork) including artwork for childrens garments.

Transfer Printing Price - Price per print

Please contact us for prices of transfer printed logos.

Discounts: Normal quantity discounts are applicable to the transfer printing service: 5% for 25-74 garments and 10% for 75 or more garments.

Carriage is charged on all orders for less than 12 garments - please click here for carriage charges. If you are ordering just 1 or 2 garments and we can send them by post at a lower price then we will make a reduced post and packing charge.


If you would like to see samples of transfer printing please contact us. We can send ink transfers, standard fonts for individual names, or samples of numbers.