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Design your W41 Contrast Polo Shirt

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W41 sketch
W41 sketch
W41 sketch
W41 sketch
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W41 sketch
W41 sketch
W41 sketch
W41 sketch

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Prices for the polo shirt you have just designed:

These are the basic prices, calculated for your design above, before any logo prices have been added, or discounts removed.

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General Notes

Please note: If you are using an old browser (eg Internet Explorer 8) you will not be able to see the test logo on this page. This is just an extra tool to help you design your polo shirt, you do not need it to order. We suggest you use/install a newer browser (eg Chrome or Firefox) as this will make this feature work, as well as being generally more secure and giving newer features on many other web pages.


These prices update whenever you change the polo shirt colours. The prices shown are the basic prices for the contrast polo shirts you have designed, without the price of any logo added on. Prices will be adjusted later during ordering for the following reasons:

  • Price reduction - if you order 25 you receive a 5% discount; if you order 75 you receive a 10% discount.
  • Price reduction - sizes ordered in multiples of 10 receive a 40p discount on each garment of that size.
  • Add-on to price - you will need to add on the price of any printed or embroidered logo you order. The prices will be shown later in the ordering process or you can view them here: printing or embroidery.
  • Carriage - carriage is generally free for orders of 75+ garments (UK mainland). Carriage price info


Please be aware that the colours shown on the diagram are not exact matches and may also vary depending on your screen - contact us to request a polo shirt colour swatch. Please also be aware that print or embroider colours will be our nearest match to any print/embroidery design colour chosen from the test logo "colour picker".

Striped or Tipped Collars & Cuffs

If you would like striped collars and cuffs please contact us for details.

Minimum orders: Depending on the design you choose we have minimum order quantities of either 12 or 25 - see below for more details.

Washing warning! - Think twice before ordering large areas of red or burgundy with large areas of white. Our washing instructions state wash at 40°C, and the fabrics are tested for this. However, one careless wash at a higher temperature could give pink!

Bigger colour choice for logo:

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right sleeve right cuff collar bottom placket top placket top placket back buttons buttons left sleeve left cuff back main front buttons bottom placket main front logo colour