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W41 Welbeck Contrast Polo Shirts

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W41 contrast polo

Custom-made contrast polo shirts:

  • Design unique polo shirts for your group or organisation using more than one colour of fabric
  • Add your own logo (min order quantity 12)
  • The alterations can be as simple as just putting a stripe onto the edge of the collar, or changing button colour
  • A very affordable way of creating very distinctive custom polo shirts, instantly recognisable from afar
  • Made from 100% cotton polo shirt fabric and collars/cuffs
  • Made in Britain
  • Available in childs and adults sizes
  • See the link below to design and order your contrast polo shirts

More Useful Information for Designing your Polo Shirts:

Colours to
choose from:
light blue

You may want to refer to this information at any stage during the designing and ordering process.

Areas of the polo shirts that you can specify colours for:

  • Front body
  • Back body
  • Sleeves
  • Cuffs
  • Collar - either plain or striped - click for more info
  • Top placket
  • Bottom placket
  • Buttons

Please click the link near the top of the page or design your polo shirts here.


Our prices are based on our standard Welbeck W40 polo shirt prices, with additional charges then added, depending on what you want and how many you buy. Typically you add on a cost of between 40p (+VAT) to just over £2 per garment. The simplest way of finding a price is to use the design and order page which will automatically work out prices. However, the explanation of the add-ons is given below.

If you can buy in multiples of 10 per size that will save you the 40p cutting charge per garment.

  • Cutting charge:
    FREE for orders accepted in multiples of 10 per size (for each polo shirt design submitted).
    40p (48p incl VAT) per garment for all other orders, or for the part of an order not in quantities of 10 per colour per size.
  • Contrast sleeves - add 30p per garment (36p incl VAT). Add 60p (72p incl VAT) if the left sleeve is a different colour to the right sleeve.
  • Contrast plackets - add 40p per garment (48p incl VAT). (80p/96p if 2 colours used).
  • Contrast buttons in stock shades - no extra charge
  • Plain collars and cuffs in contrast shades - no extra charge
  • Tipped/striped collars and cuffs - add 30p (36p incl VAT) per garment

Tipped and Striped Collars and Cuffs

Putting a tip or stripe on a collar is a very effective way of making a polo shirt look smart. We use various technical terms when knitting collars to describe stripes on collars, these are shown below with the stripe patterns. You don't need to know the technical terms - just contact us to ask for an striped collar order form and write the colours in the spaces!

Plain collar   Tipped collar   Single stripe   Tipped plus stripe   Double Stripe

The stripes don't have to be in the same colour - we can also make collars using 3 colours.

Please Read

These contrast polo shirts will be custom made specifically to your order instructions. This means that they cannot be returned to us for reasons such as you not liking them, because you have ordered the wrong sizes, or because you have filled in the order form incorrectly. Please take care.

Sampling of Garments - Before Ordering

We can send out sample contrast polo shirts - these are unlikely to be in your colour combinations but will give you a general idea of the appearance of the garment. We can also send out plain (no contrast sections) polo shirts for you to check sizing. These samples are sent out on 28 days approval and must be purchased or returned to us within this time period. You can also check sizes by using our size chart.

Sample of your Ordered Contrast Polo Shirts

If you place an order for more than 20 contrast polo shirts we will send out a single sample garment for you to approve before completing the rest of the order.

Contact us if you would like to order contrast polo shirts with tipped or striped collars and cuffs - so we can send you an order form for these.

W41 Example
W41 example
W41 example
W41 example